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June 1-2, 2024

Known for fine art, a beautiful venue, outstanding music, and our popular AIM Champagne Tent, Arts in the Middle was twice voted a Best Art Event in Eastern Virginia in Virginia Living’s Best Of Magazine (#1 in 2019).  Artists give the Festival top ratings; some report us their favorite of the season for the venue, the quality of art, size, camaraderie among artists, hospitality from friendly/supportive volunteers, and ease of load and unload.  The show features juried artists from across the country in a wide variety of media.  


Promoted as "a day (or 2)” in the country for art aficionados by our terrific PR team, we draw a sizable crowd to the festival from surrounding urban areas, including Richmond, Williamsburg, Tidewater, Northern VA & Washington. We are an arts lovers' destination.   


Gifted with the "perfect festival setting" at 17th C. Hewick Plantation the AIM “Artist Row” is nestled on expansive lawns with a backdrop of beautiful period buildings.  Majestic trees shade the Row.  The exhibit layout along a landscaped gravel path invites a stop at each tent. Customers enjoy the art, the music and perhaps a glass of champagne as they stroll the show.  


In addition to the Champagne Tent, the AIM Hospitality Tent hosts top notch musicians, culinary arts from local foodies, and is in watching distance of uniquely creative children’s activities. 


You can drive in close to your tent to load and unload before parking your large and small vehicles in free public parking steps away from the show entrance.  An army of friendly volunteers are at your service.  Awards are presented at our catered Saturday Night Artist Reception.  


Close by is the charming village of Urbanna  ~ a popular waterfront destination for week-end visitors.  In Virginia’s River Realm where there is much to see and do, you may be tempted to make this a “working vacation” in Coastal Virginia. We will be happy to help you.  


The AIM Team works to create a welcoming environment for our artists and patrons while upholding high standards for a fine arts festival. By applying to our show, you agree to abide by all guidelines and policies of the show and related requests of show administration during the event. If our show officials find problems they will ask for the issue to be remedied.   

Policy & Guidelines AIM General Information

Artist Dates and Deadlines

Deadlines for the 2024 Show


Festival Schedule

Friday        May 31         Noon   -  6:00 PM    Early set-up for artists

Saturday   June 1    6:30 AM   -  9:30 AM    Artist set-up 

Saturday   June 1  10:00 AM   -  5:00 PM    Show Open to Public          

Saturday   June 1    5:00 PM   -  6:00 PM    Artist Reception/Award Ceremony  

Sunday     June 2   10:00 AM  -  3:00 PM    Show Open to Public

Sunday     June 2     3:00 PM         Artist Break Down 

Application  For artist ease, we are using the Zapplication system.  If application by Zapplication is not possible, scanned application and images are accepted by email.  See details in application section below.  

Jury Process  Artistic excellence & well-balanced presentation are criteria for selection of exhibitors.  Decisions by jurors are final. 

Awards & Artist Reception & Awards Ceremony   Exhibitor’s art will be professionally judged during the show on Saturday.  Awards are presented at the catered Artist Reception at 5:30 Saturday - complimentary for artists and guests. 

Artist Support   Friendly festival team members and volunteers provide artist assistance during show hours, including short breaks upon request.  Complimentary coffee and home-made pastries on Sat. & Sun morning. Water delivered to your tent periodically throughout the day.

On-site Set-Up and Break-Down   To protect the historic and picturesque venue, driving is not allowed on the lawn.  Artists are offered the convenience of drive-in/drive-out unloading and loading along the gravel drive in front of their tents.  You must check in with on-site staff before set-up Fri. & Sat.

Early Set-up: Fri. Noon - 6 pm. There is no Friday night security.  Set up and leave your tent at your own risk.    

Regular setup: Sat - 6-9:30 am.  All cars must be off festival grounds by 9:30!

Break-down – Sun - 3:00 pm.   Artists may not close their exhibit before 3:00.

No cars allowed on the festival grounds during show hours.

Parking   Artist and public parking is steps away from the show entrance. Golf carts move from the parking lot to Artist Row during show hours for customers with special needs and help with large purchases.  

Security   Security is available during all day Sat/Sun and overnight Sat. 

Weather   This is a rain or shine event.  Be prepared for spring weather with rain gear for yourself, coverage for your artwork, and tools for securing your tent. Tents will be sited under large shade trees for maximum sun protection, but we cannot guarantee total protection.  Be prepared for some sun exposure. And, be prepared for Spring insects!

Food and Live Entertainment  Outstanding live music, local food and drinks, and popular AIM Champagne Tent in the hospitality on Artist Row both days.

Children’s Activities   Kids are given Jr. Judge ribbons in the Welcome Tent to present to their favorite artists.  The Childrens'  Tent offers unique and creative activities specific to kids but engaging to the kid in all of us.

First Aid   First aid in Welcome Tent.   

Student Artists Program   The Student Artist Tent offers talented local high-school students the opportunity to become personally involved in a fine arts event, including professionally judged for Best Student Art Award.  

Overnight Accommodations  Our Host Home program offers a limited number of local residents willing to host artists into their home for Friday and Saturday nights. Let us know early if you are interested in a host home.  A complete list of other available accommodations and discounts can be found at our website: as well as 

AIM 2024 Application Instructions

(Click blue box at the top of Prospectus to download Application Form)

On-Line Application   For artist ease, use Zapplication.  Please visit the Arts in the Middle page at to apply to this show.  

Alternative Email Application   Zapplication is preferred but submission by email is acceptable.  Artist may scan the completed Application Form and submit with images to and mail application fee as outlined below.  Applications are not processed until fee is received.  For special application assistance: Brindley Lowe, 804-695-4585. 

Images   Five images must accompany the application:  4 images of art representative of that to be exhibited in the show (titled and identified by medium type) and 1 image of the exhibition tent.  Zapplication is set up to receive images. Email applications must include clear image attachments (scanned or photographed).   Slides and copied paper prints will not be accepted by the jurists.  If images are not presented with sufficient clarity for review, we will return them and/or request better quality before they can be juried. 

Application Fee:  A non-refundable jury fee of $30 must accompany the application (or $50 if late fee applicable.)  

Payment Options: Zapplication payment may be made by credit card or PayPal.   Email applicants write checks to Arts in the Middle and mail to AIM, PO Box 982, Urbanna, VA  23175.

Application Deadline January 31, 2024 or February 15 with $50 late fee. 

Collaboration  Two artists with similar artwork may share a tent space.  Both must apply & be juried separately.  In the case of acceptance of only one of the two applicants, only the accepted artist’s works may be displayed. 

Jury Process   Applications will be juried by a panel of professionals for artistic excellence and a well-balanced presentation, criteria for this show. Jury results will be sent through Zapplication or email (whichever is applicable) on February 15. Decisions are final.

Booth Fees    By March 15 artists wishing to accept their invitation to exhibit must pay for the assigned booth fee of $200 ($400 for double booth). Failure to pay by the deadlines may result in revocation of the invitation and immediate invitation of an alternate from the waiting list. The booth fee is non-refundable after March 30.

Cancellation Policy:  Application Fee is non-refundable.  If notified by April 1st 100% booth fee refunded.  If notified by May 1st 50% booth fee refunded.  If notified any time after May 1st, the booth fee is non-refundable. 

AIM Festival Artist Participation Rules

Artists violating the rules of Arts in the Middle Fine Art Show can be asked to leave the show with no refunds & become ineligible for future shows.  If you have questions or need clarification of a rule, email and a show leader will contact you.  

Tents & Weights   In keeping with the fine art nature of this show, exhibits must be in professional 10’x10’ white top tent canopies with secure side curtains.  For the safety of you and your neighbor, tents must be secured with appropriate weights.  A minimum of 40 pounds per tent leg is required. (eg: tube weights, solid sand bag weights, concrete filled buckets that look clean, stabilizer bars with solid sand bags, weight plates or dumbbells on each tent leg.) Not allowed:  Colored tents; lightweight framed tents with no weights, raw concrete blocks, bricks, plastic sand bags, or anything that doesn’t look clean and professional.

Eligible Works   All exhibited works must be the original creation of the artist submitting the application, and must be of the quality, category and body of work shown in the images juried.  Jurors on site may ask for evidence of the displaying artist’s involvement in the work.

Reproductions   In keeping with the fine arts nature of this event, reproductions (photography and paintings) must be from the Artist’s original work, in limited editions of 250 or less, signed, numbered and identified as a reproduction. Giclees or reproduced paintings are limited to bins and 25% of the hanging space.  

Bins and Racks   Bins and racks should be kept to a minimum and be professionally presented. Racks and bins can be back filled as needed. 

Not Acceptable   No buy/sell, mass produced or manufactured items, gourmet foods, greenware, kits, or work other than that produced by the exhibitor are permitted.   No bazaar crafts, crocheting, knitting, decoupage, candles or craft wearing apparel. Final interpretation of commercial status will be made by the Arts in the Middle Administration Committee, and show officials may contact applicant for additional information.  

Artist Presence    Booths must remain open and the artist present during shows hours on Saturday and Sunday to show and sell their own works.  No dealers, artists reps, agents or other middlemen allowed. Volunteers are available to give you short breaks.
Liability   While artists are not required to carry liability insurance, coverage is a growing trend among exhibitors and is strongly recommended by Arts in the Middle for protection against damage, loss or injury. Participating artists are fully responsible for the safety and security of their own exhibit area and if anything from that exhibit damages or injures anyone else’s exhibit or persons.  Affordable short-term policies can be purchased thru insurance companies.  

Sales & Taxes   Artists retain all revenue from their sales with no commission due to Arts in the Middle. Artists must report & pay their own 5.3% sales tax directly to VA  Dept. of Taxation.  Forms and information can be downloaded from             

Fees   All show fees must be paid, as outlined in application info section, in order to participate in this event.  

Eligible Media

Paintings  Oils, acrylics, watercolor, encaustic, fresco, gouache, tempura, fluid media of inks and washes applied by pen or brush, etc.

Drawings   Chalk, charcoal, pastel, pencil, conte, graphite, wax crayon, etc. 

Jewelry   Jewelry of any material. No commercial casts, kits, molds or production studio work, commercial pendants, brooches & commercially made items, loose stones, or catalogue merchandise.

Ceramics  Original clay and porcelain work other than jewelry.

Photography   Photographic print from the artist's original image, processed & printed by artist, or under his/her direct supervision w/archival media on acid-free papers. Limited editions of 250 or fewer, inclusive of size & format, signed & numbered.  Bins may be limited to preserve the fine arts nature of this show. May be asked to disclose the creative/printing process. 

Digital Art  Original work for which the base image, or the manipulation of other source material, is executed by applying artist w/computer software. Limited editions of 250 or less, inclusive of size & format, signed & numbered on acid-free materials. Bins may be limited due to fine arts nature of show. 

Graphics/Printmaking  Printed works for which the artist’s hand manipulated the plates, stones, or screens - properly signed & numbered as a limited edition.  Printmakers are required to disclose both their creative & printmaking process.  Bins may be limited due to fine arts nature of this show. 

Sculpture   Clay, Wood, Metal, Fiber, etc.

Wood  Hand crafted furniture, wood turnings, etc  

Fiber/Leather  High-end hand crafted textiles, wearable art, and leather artwork.

Glass  High end glass artwork such hand blown glass, leaded glass, etc.

Mixed Media   Non-sculpturing work incorporating more than one type of physical material or process in production, e.g, painted etching or collage combining handmade paper and photography.

Other Media  All other fine crafts and arts works considered to be in the Fine Arts category are acceptable.

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