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Literary Artists 2023

In 2021, we encouraged local literary artists to participate in Arts in the Middle.  Writers have provided readings of their work as well as brought works for patrons to purchase.  If you are interested in participating please email

Saturday, June 3


11am  Bob Kunzinger

Bob Kunzinger has lived in Middlesex County since 1996. He is a college professor and a writer who focuses on travel memoirs. His work has appeared in many publications, and he is the author of ten collections.  He will be reading from his latest book, The Iron Scar: A Father and Son in Siberia. Other Books: A Third Place: Notes in Nature, Blessed Twilight: The Life of Vincent van Gogh, Borderline Crazy: Essays & numerous other books


12pm  David Howell

David is a retired licensed professional counselor in VA. He is a consultant for Luther Seminary in St. Paul MN. He is the author of Tethered to an Appalachian Curse: A Surprise Calling (2021) & Buried Dreamer (a historical novel) (2023). He has been interviewed by The New York Times and Time Magazine for his views on religion in America.


1pm  Liz Lovell Young

Liz has worked in telecommunications, aerospace, & education for several decades. She was a founding member of NPR & later created the Kansas Public TV Network among just a few of her accomplishments. She is published extensively in technical journals & is author of (6) works of fiction, including (2) illustrated children's books and (4) mysteries. She will be reading from FUGO: Terror from the Sky, about a balloon attack on the U.S. Also from The Hand at the Window, which is set in Middlesex County & from Finding J. Hubbard, a mystery about a vanished teacher, based on a true life event.


2pm  Mary Bush Shipko

Mary was one of the first women airline pilots in the country. In 1976, she was hired by Hughes Air West, owned by the colorful aviator & movie producer Howard Hughes. Today, she & her husband cruise the Chesapeake, she plays violin in Gloucester community orchestra & speaks around the country. She writes novels, mystery and poetry & will be reading samples from her (3) books: Aviatrix (her popular memoir), Daring Mary Aviation Pioneer (children's book), and her newest book, The Firsts: Women Pilots and How They Changed the Airlines (a STEM book).


3pm  Leslie Eva Tayloe

Leslie is the author of (2) picture books, I'm Fishing with Pop-Pop Today (2022) & Save the Trees (2023). She is a former analyst with the federal government and a substitute teacher for elementary school-aged children. 


Sunday, June 4 


10am  Stanford T. Hovey

After a career as a mapping scientist/remote sensing, forester and AF pilot; Stan & Wife live in Urbanna, VA. Stan writes history-related novels and stories. He will review his recent historical short story about rum-running/bootlegging from Canada into Northern NY during the 1920s-1930s and how it affected various people. Stan has also written  "Haitian Recollections & Haitian Returns", "The One Haitian" and six historical booklets about the Henderson Harbor, NY area.


11am  Patti Procopi

Patti is a former army brat who moved constantly as a child, making it difficult to form lasting friendships. She writes about emotional connections, friends and family. After retiring from (2) area history museums, she now pursues her love for writing. She writes contemporary fiction & has (2) published novels: Please ...Tell Me More (2020) & I'll Get By (2022)


12pm  David Cariens

David is a former CIA officer- 31 year career.  Most of his time at the agency. Most of his time at the agency was spent as a political analyst dealing with Eastern Europe. He is the author of (10) books.  He is a victim rights advocate. His book Escaping Madness, painfully captures what alcoholism, mental illness, & violence do to a family.


1pm  Susan Williamson

Susan is a freelance writer, editor, novelist and riding instructor. She is a former newspaper editor, extension agent, college adjunct & food co-op manager. She is author of (4) mystery novels & a children's book, the editor of a book about the College of William and Mary, a regular contributor to Next Door Neighbor's Magazine & the author of several "How to" books.  She will read from Glimpses of a Public Ivy: Fifty Years at William and Mary,- a collection of vignettes about life at America's second oldest college. She has written multiple books.


2pm  Kathy Kasnik

Kathy resides in Williamsburg, Virginia, and is debuting her first novel, Always Remembering. In addition to writing, she is a photographer & has contributed as a writer and a photojournalist to local newspapers, which gave her the confidence to write her first novel. Her book preserves memories of the ordinary heroes of World War II who never made the front page but instead left a lasting impression in the forefront of our minds. 

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