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Young Artists

2023 Festival Student Artists

Middlesex High School

Abigail Barfield

Catie Lowe

Christopher Butler

Elizabeth Shelton

Elsie Koontz

Gracie Wynberry

Hailey Bruce

Jaelyn Shepard

Joey Porter

Joseph Rowe

Kaitlyn Barney

Katelin Reiner

Katherine Ritter

Kayleigh Moye

Kenny Vincent

Kenzie Mendoza

Kyleigh Brockman

Lucien Hampton

Makenzie Sluder

Mia Foley

Nielson McMinn

Raven Gray

Sadie Millen

Samuel Fleet

Sarah Ahnemann

Skylar Blackburn

Stacey Butler

Summer Carnell

Lauren Ahnemann (Emerging Artist, MHS c/o 21)

Karime Juarez (Emerging Artist, MHS c/o 22)

Callisto West (Emerging Artist, MHS c/o 22)

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Student Artist Gallery

Local area students with an interest in artists, as a career or a hobby, are invited each year to show their work in the Spring Fine Arts Festival, in their own Collaborative Student Artist Gallery.  Students work with their art teacher during the school year to plan for this participation and under the tutelage of Brindley Lowe Sears, Middlesex High School Art Teacher, and Sarah McCormick, Christchurch School Art Teacher they design and set up their Festival gallery.  We are encouraging any home school high school students to participate as well.  Students are each presented an award ribbon for their participation.  The over-all show judge also selects the Best Student Artist from the gallery, who will receive a $50 award.  The tent is generously supported each year by the Kiwanis Club of Middlesex.


Student Participation:  Student artists in our area are invited to work with their high school art teachers or home school teachers to create works of fine student art to exhibit and market at the festival.  The Student Area is located in the Arts in the Middle Welcome Tent where patrons first enter the show.  In addition, we offer to our professional exhibiting artists the chance to invite a student into their tent to for a period of time to:

  • observe artists setting up exhibit booths and assist, if invited

  • see the artwork and ask the artists questions about their work

  • listen-in as artists talk about their work with fellow artists and customers

  • assist artists in booths and, if invited, help an artist work with customers

  • provide breaks for exhibiting artist

Details:  Each student artist will work with their art teacher(s) during the school year to prepare the work of art that will be displayed at the show.   We are working to create a mentoring opportunity for our student artists, providing access to a professional artist who will share their expertise as described above.  

Contact:  For more information about the Student Artist Program email your questions to:

Picasso said "Every child is an artist." 

Arts in the Middle is committed to encouraging the artistic spirit in all young people.  We engage the local high schools to help interested art students exhibit their works at the festival & to learn from professional exhibiting artist.  Interactions with the show's artists & the chance to exhibit their own art work may cause a young person to include art in their future - as a career, as an avid amateur artist, or simply as a lover of art. 


For younger children, the Junior Judges program allows children about 5 -10 years old to award a blue ribbon that says "I Love Your Art" to their favorite art work or artist at the show.  We hope our artists will enjoy receiving these awards, as much as their young admirers enjoy awarding them.


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